Our Day Out In Brighton.

Right click and "Save As" to download then watch the glorious, new FULL LENGTH (well OK, 2 minute) feature film of our recent sojourn to the environs of Brighton from HERE....

Please only download so you can save and watch it agin..... if you prefer to view online then please only do so ONCE each to save using up all my "bandwidth" for the site! Thanks :-)

Note the file is approx 35Mb so for best performance you should download it first ("Save as") then run run it locally. (Also you should save/download a copy anyhow if you like it as I'll eventually have to remove it from the server to save space).

....and for those of you who are interested, HERE'S a LINK to let you download and watch an informal metting between Alex and Flora at the exhibition of his in Brighton that we'd gone there to enjoy together.